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Game night: the perfect night with friends


There’s no thing better than spending time with friends. It’s especially fun if you heat things up, by adding a competitive side to your night of hanging. The way you do this is by organizing a game night with. You combine different games and keep track of who has won what game. The person that wins the most games is the winner of the night. But, to make this work, you do need some fun games you can play. We’re hoping to inspire you with these next suggestions! 

  • Rummikub

You want to start your night off by an easy game that doesn’t involve much physical activity. Rummikub is the perfect game for this. In Rummikub, players need to play as many of their numbered tiles as possible: the one to play them all first, wins the game. Players can make combinations based on colour or on sequencing numbers. Rummikub is the perfect starting game for a game night: players won’t get too competitive yet, as well as it gets the brains going. 

  • Twister

Time to get in some physical activity! Twister is the perfect game for this. In this game, players need to put certain limbs on certain dots. Everyone has to follow the exact same steps, which creates a big chaos. Twister is a mix of tactical thinking and a good balance: the player who manages to mix these two the best, will see themselves winning. It’s a great game, that will bring everyone’s competitive side to the table. Sidenote: to play Twister, you need a referee. For your game night, everyone has to take this role on them once. This way, it’s the easiest to keep track.

  • Poker

Now that everyone is truly heated up, it’s time to start with some casino games, such as Poker. This game is perfect for your game night, as it is the perfect mix of luck and strategy. Your friendship will be truly tested, as the person who’s able to read the others the best, is very likely to win. Will you be able to keep your pokerface when your playing with your best friends?

  • Snakes and Ladders

To finish of your game night, you truly want to play in to the fact that everyone has become fully competitive. Snakes and Ladders is a very easy game, that manages to play into this perfectly. There can be a lot of frustration in this game, as people switch positions in this game very easy. The person in first place can easily lose their place to end in last place – perfect to heat things up! We suggest making Snakes and Ladders the last game of your game night, as friendships will be brought to the test even further if you continue playing after this.

Good luck!

Hopefully we’ve helped you organizing the perfect game night. Did we miss out on one of your favourite games, or did we get everything spot-on? Anyways, we hope you have great fun!




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