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How much is too much water?

When you drink water, you shouldn’t overdo it, but follow the instructions of your body. If you do not have particular pathologies, the fundamental rule is to drink when you are thirsty.

Drinking too much water can be bad for your health. This is claimed by a group of researchers from the Whiteley Clinic in London. Who has listed the problems from taking too much water?

Researchers even speak of equalism, recalling the term alcoholism for alcohol abuse. That is an exaggerated form of water consumption that can lead, in extreme cases, to a state of addiction that has, as an effect. They need to drink continuously, even when you don’t feel the need.

How much is too much water

Problems with the brain and heart

The abuse of ingested water. They warn from London, can have very harmful and even dangerous consequences. The least that can happen is excessive sweating, which can, however, lead. In extreme cases, to the removal of the sweat glands. Serious setbacks can affect the brain and heart. The brain may not control the management of liquids within our body. While the heart may have to pump too diluted blood, resulting in cardiological problems. And drinking too much also causes insomnia problems because it acts negatively on the hormone that regulates the activity of our kidneys while we sleep.

You have to drink when you are thirsty.

So when and how much should you drink? The answer to Dr. Giulio Mingardi, head of the Nephrology and Dialysis Unit of Humanitas Gavazzeni Bergamo: «You have to drink when you are thirsty! The London revelations are not surprising. Because it has always know that drinking too much can  harmful to our bodies. If you are not in the presence of a particular disease, the right amount of water to take every day is around 1.5 / 2 liters.

But it isn’t easy to establish a precise amount for each person because. The need for water depends on various subjective and objective factors. In the winter season, for example, we can drink less because we sweat less. On the contrary, if we do physical activity, we need to take in a more significant amount of water because we lose it with sweat. Nutrition also affects the need to drink: if we ingest salty foods, to give another example, our body will be required to compensate with increased quantities of water ».

When it is permissible to drink more: How much is too much water

However, there are specific cases in which it is necessary to drink more, following your doctor’s instructions. «In case of kidney stones – specifies Dr. Mingardi – we must try to excrete a quantity of urine equal to about two liters every day. Another point in which it is necessary to drink more than usual is in the presence of diarrhea. Which involves an abnormal loss of fluids.

Finally, another situation is the prevention of cystitis in young women, when there is the need to empty the bladder often to avoid a harmful situation of urine that is too concentrated. In all these cases, as in the presence of other identified pathologies. Drinking must calculate together with the doctor. You are taking into account the variables mentioned above: season, physical activity, nutrition. If you eat fruit and vegetables, for example, which contains a lot of water, you have less need to drink”.

Drink water while finding the right balance

However, we must not think that we are correct when we drink little and, above all. When we do not do it despite being thirsty. Thirst must be our alarm bell, as Dr. Mingardi points out: «If we feel the need to drink, it means that our body is telling us that it is in debt for liquids and we must therefore comply with this request. Drinking too little is just as bad as drinking too much.

Often it is done out of laziness or for contingent needs such as the difficulty in finding a bathroom, when you are away from home, so you drink less for the purpose, so to speak, “preventive.” Instead, we must strive and follow the sense of thirst. Drink when you feel the need: this is the fundamental rule, which must never forgot. And above all, drinking water, which is the most thirst-quenching drink, much more than many drinks, and above all, it does not contain calories and therefore does not make you fat ! ».
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