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How to backup iPhone to iCloud?

If we want to keep our data and photos safe, making a periodic iPhone backup is essential, let’s see all the possible methods. In this article, we read about How to backup iPhone to iCloud

Smartphones are now an integral part of our life, for this reason, very sensitive and important data are often stored inside them, which could really cause many problems if they were lost. The major mobile device manufacturers are aware of this and for this reason, they have developed solutions that, if used correctly, would solve any kind of similar damage. Among these brands, there is obviously Apple, which for its part makes several options available to the user. As you may have understood then, today we are going to see all the possible methods to backup an iPhone

We will focus on both offline procedures, which will require a computer, and online ones, so as to specifically illustrate each opportunity granted. Furthermore, at the end of the guide, there will be no lack of clarification on any errors that may occur, on what will actually be included in the backup and also how to restore it on the iPhone in question.

Backup iPhone: what a serve

To make it as short and clear as possible, the iPhone backup allows you to save some files and the configuration of the chosen settings on the device in question. All this can be done directly via cable from a computer, both Windows and Mac, or using the Wi-Fi connection and the space available on iCloud.

Once done, it can be very useful in two cases. The first will show up when the iPhone is lost or broken. In fact, if this happens, all data could be irrecoverable. By making a backup instead, these will always remain available on your computer, or on iCloud (based on the choice made previously of course).

The second case will instead affect the purchase of a new iPhone. As we will see later, during the first configuration of any new iPhone (but also of iPad or iPod Touch), it will be possible to restore the data saved on backup, so as to restore all the files and the status of the settings of the old smartphone to the new one. , without having to do it manually. All very convenient, simple and fast.

Come fare backup iPhone to PC

So let’s start to see how to backup an iPhone, starting with the slightly more inconvenient but already widely used method. We are obviously talking about saving data via a computer. The substantial steps will be very similar on both Mac and Windows, however, on Microsoft’s operating system, you will need to download and use the iTunes software. But let’s go in order and first of all see how to backup an iPhone to an Apple computer.

Backup iPhone on Mac

With the latest macOS updates, Apple has decided to completely remove iTunes software from their computers. All multimedia operations have been migrated to the related applications of “Music”, “Podcast” and “TV” to backup iPhone to iCloud, while those have died to the management of backups and synchronization of the iPhone for the purpose of the “Finder”.

Before starting, we anticipate that to complete the procedure it will be enough a cable capable of connecting the iPhone to the Mac, and then from Lightning to USB or from Lightning to USB-C (depending on the computer or adapters in possession). On the other hand, no Internet connection will be required.

As you will have understood, the first thing to do will be to connect the iPhone to the Mac via cable, preferably only original Apple to backup iPhone to iCloud, or certified (non-certified cables could cause problems or even not allow backups).

Once done, apparently, nothing will happen, but by starting the Finder by clicking on its icon in the lower-left corner of the Dock, you will see the name of the iPhone in the left column, under the “Locations” section. You will then need to click on it and wait for the main information screen on the iPhone to appear. If the “Welcome to iPhone” window appears. It will be sufficient to choose not to synchronize the backup device. In order to directly reach the area of ​​our interest.

Bottom Line

At this point, we will be in the “General” section. (Or you will need to reach it by clicking on the item at the top left). Which is the one that will allow anyone to back up the iPhone. Going down in fact, you will need to check the item to backup the iPhone to iCloud. “Backup iPhone on this computer” and then simply continue with “Backup now”.

Before doing so, you can possibly also choose to encrypt the backup. So as to protect it with a password (which you must absolutely remember, otherwise all data will be lost). This option will be almost necessary to also save the data in the “Health” app. Which will not exclude in iPhone backups without encryption.

Obviously, the duration of saving the files will vary and will depend on the amount of files inside the smartphone. Within the same “General” screen, it will also be possible to click on the “Manage backup”. Item, so as to display a list of all the backups made on the Mac.

In order to reach the iPhone backup in the save folder. You will need to click with two fingers on the trackpad. (Or with the right mouse button) on the name of the backup. And then click on the item “Show in Finder”. From here you can also possibly delete.

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