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How to decorate a Christmas tree?

Everyone has their little traditions when it comes to decorating the Christmas tree. If you are looking for inspiration shortly before Christmas Eve, decorate a Christmas tree you will find tips and ideas for Christmas tree decorations here.

There are only a few days left until Christmas Eve, and festively decorated trees are finding their way into numerous households. The tradition of setting up a Christmas tree at Christmas and decorating it festively is one of the most beautiful customs for many people. Families often uphold rules, and Christmas tree decorations are passed on from generation to generation. Whether classic or modern, here you will find tips and ideas about decorating Christmas trees.

Start with the lights.

The Christmas tree is lovely when it shines on Christmas Eve. Real candles, fairy lights or LED candles use.

LED candles

Families with small children know the risk. If the candles are honest, there is a risk of fire. After all, the little ones don’t know how to judge the fire. They get burned or pull on the branches of the fir tree. Anyone who hangs by the candlelight of the real candles wants an authentic alternative. Have you tried LED candles yet? This Christmas tree candle set

can be dimmed and flicker atmospherically. Since the candles are completely wireless, you can place them on the branches as you wish. The acquisition costs are higher, but you can use the candles over and over again for years. In terms of sustainability, this is another plus point.

Fairy lights

In addition to the LED candles or shining on their own, you can decorate your Christmas tree with fairy lights. You must start decorating with the fairy lights. Later, attaching the fairy lights becomes an act as other decorations get in the way. This Christmas tree light chain is efficient

 with an inconspicuous green cable that ideally adapts to the colour of the branches of the fir tree.

Real candles

Of course, the classic should not be missing here: wax candles. The glow of real candles creates a good mood but also requires greater mindfulness. decorate a Christmas tree  The tree should not be left unobserved. Then beautiful candles can use wonderfully. It would be best if you had clampable candle holders

and matching Christmas tree candles

made of beeswax. If you want to be on the safe side, you should place a fire extinguisher near the fir tree.

Candles in glass balls

If you don’t want to do without real fire but want more security, you could also use these glass balls

. You can place tea lights inside the balls, which are well protected from outside influences.

Idea 1: red classic

The most popular and well-known colour scheme for the Christmas tree is likely to be large red balls. They are available in all shades of red and designs. Mix shiny and matte balls that makes for a change in appearance. It would help if you also had these ball hangers for hanging

. Fir trees become lusher and wider at the bottom, so you should also make sure to attach large balls to the lower branches when decorating. On the other hand, light balls come upwards, so the more delicate branches can easily carry them, and the arrangement of the Christmas decorations looks harmonious. 

Straw stars

These straw stars go wonderfully with red balls

. The filigree stars come in numerous shapes and sizes.

Idea 2: white decoration

Are Not only red balls popular but also white decorations. The colour is reminiscent of snow and is therefore ideal for the Christmas tree. Combine white Christmas tree balls

with beautiful glass balls and white snowflakes.

To go with this, you could create contrast by hanging darker colours between the white decorations, like these terracotta gingerbread pendants.

Idea 3: more is more

True to this motto, families in the USA seem to decorate their Christmas trees. The more unusual and opulent the tree’s decoration, the better. If you are in the mood for extravagance and American flair, you need red and white candy canes. Lots of tinsel, Pearl garlands and artificial snow also goes well with the American decorated tree.

Christmas tree top

The cherry on the cake on the Christmas tree is like the star on the top of the Christmas tree. It is a matter of taste whether you want to crown the Christmas tree or not – there is at least a large selection of Christmas treetops. So you could use a classic straw star or use a  Christmas tree top made of glass.

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