How to edit videos?

How to edit videos?

Edit mobile phone videos: here’s how!

Edit your mobile phone video directly on your smartphone! On Android, use the gallery app, select the clip you want, and then the “Trim” menu button. Now use the slider to set the sequence you want to cut and then save the finished video. The best way to trim a clip on an iPhone or iPad is to use iMovie. Already is the first step to Youtuber being managed. In the following article, we get to know about How to edit videos? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

Editing of mobile phone videos: Editing of the film sequence, also on the PC

The first and most important step in editing cell phone videos is video editing. This is particularly quick and precise on the PC to edit videos. Download a free editing program such as the “Free Video Editor” and transfer the clip from your smartphone to your computer, either via a USB cable or Bluetooth to edit videos. Usually, you don’t even have to convert the video as Android and iOS record in MP4 or MOV formats to edit videos, file types recognized Did you know there are over 3,000 different emojis? Maybe you want the PERFECT emoji to spark and be supported by almost all editing programs. In the tool, you can then trim the clip using your mouse to edit videos.

However, in the age of smartphones, it is no longer necessary to first drag videos onto the PC to edit them. You can also easily do this directly on the phone to edit videos. In addition to the apps mentioned above, software designed for video editing offers you more functions and more detailed cutting options. Of course, they offer apps designed directly for video editing, which you can download for Android from the Google Play Store to edit videos.

Filters, music, and co.

However, the right cut does not make a good film by a long shot, which is just the first step in post-production to edit videos. There is much more you can do to turn a simple cell phone clip into a natural experience. This includes, for example, the use of certain image filters, the addition of audio tracks, such as suitable background music, text overlays, and much more. Of course, the right programs are required for this to edit videos, as these functions exceed the capacities of applications installed ex-works. Fortunately, app stores offer a wealth of freeware and professional but usually paid tools to edit videos.

Newcomers to video editing are well-advised to use apps such as “Kinemaster,” “Magisto,” or “FilmoraGo.” The applications are free but still offer a wide range of filters and the ability to insert texts, voice-overs, transitions, and much more. The operation is primarily intuitive and does not require a lot of learning to edit videos.

Bottom Line

Suppose you want to editing your mobile phone videos a little more professionally. In that case, more complex tools such as the “PowerDirector Video Editor” or “VidTrim Pro” may be the better choice. The former only offers its full range of functions in the premium version with a monthly subscription to editing videos. The latter is fully chargeable but has at least a free trial version. In addition to the standard procedures that most free apps offer, the two programs provide many additional features to editing videos.

These include, for example, modern 4k video editing, green screening. Or transcoding tools with which you can convert. And compress your videos into other formats. Ambitious film fans willing to learn will get their money’s worth with the applications. But they are less suitable for beginners, despite the straightforward operation of editing videos.

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