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How to free up space on iPhone?

People who are regular iPhone users might have seen the “Low Storage Capacity” option whenever they try to save anything on their phones. This is a common issue that iPhone users have faced, and trust me, it is very annoying. That popup notification that states that your phone is out of space boil the blood. Thus, you will not be able to click any picture, nor will you be able to make any video because of insufficient space. This leads a person to realize that the time has arrived to clean the phone and free some space from it.

You can check the storage space in your iPhone as well. For this purpose, you will have to open the settings and look for the iPhone storage option. You will see how much space has been acquired by your picture, downloaded applications, text messages, videos, audio or gifs, and other things. If there is room for freeing some space, options will appear to free some space by deleting the unnecessary and obsolete files from your phone.

Steps to clear the storage space from iPhone:

You can follow the below stated steps to get free from the junk that lives in it and free as much space you want:

  • First of all, clear all the photos in your phone memory. We all know that we do not get satisfaction until we click many photos to get the perfect one. So you will have to download the Gemini app, which will help you get rid of all duplicate and blurry photos. This app will thoroughly scan your photos gallery and perform the desired action.

  • By opening the Gemini App, you will also get the option of viewing and deleting the screenshots.
  • You can also view heavy video files that have been saved and unused for a long time. You can view and then delete the selected ones.
  • It is to be noted that all the pictures and videos go into the trash folder when deleted. Please open it and empty the trash folder as well.
  • You can also move all the necessary photos and videos to the cloud storage.
  • Then you will have to delete the cache from the apps to delete the junk from your phone.
  • The last thing you would like to delete will be the messages you have in your inbox. Read them quickly and delete them if they are unnecessary.

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