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How To Make Slime And Play Without Worrying About It ?

Do you know a toy called “slime”? How to get slime out of hair Slime use as a toy and teaching material in addition to the monsters that appear in RPGs.

It is a slime that captivates children with a mysterious feel, but it gets dirty every time it uses because it also entangles dust and dirt, and it may not be removed if it is attached to hair, clothes, or furniture.

How can I remove the part that has become dirty with slime? This time, I will introduce how to make slime.

What is a toy “Slime”?

Toy slime is a toy that ship by the toymaker Mattel in the 1970s and then sold by Tsukada Original in Japan in 1978. A green semi-solid object housed in a small plastic bucket container that feels like non-greasy clay and feels cold and damp.

However, once it gets on your hair or carpet, it’s difficult to remove it, so you need to know how to remove slime. The main way to play slime is to touch it. It is said that it creates by artificially making rubber as a substitute for rubber.

About slime ingredients

The slime material is borax, a substance that is a raw material for boron and starch, water, paints, and food coloring. Borax may cause symptoms such as rash and blepharitis when it gets into the skin and eyes, and it is said that if swallowed, it may cause headaches and loss of appetite.

Therefore, when making slime with children, use potato starch or water so that even small children can make it with confidence. In the next chapter, we will introduce how to make slime.

How to remove slime?

“Vinegar” is effective for removing slime.

If slime gets on your clothes or carpet, you can still take it with hot water if it’s soft, but it’s awkward if it hardens. It is said that it is effective to put a few drops of “vinegar” in hot water and apply a warm compress with a wet towel.

If you apply a compress with a towel containing a few drops of vinegar in hot water, the slime that has hardened in a tick will soften and will come off with your nails. Ventilate the smell of vinegar and let it go outside.

Why slime dissolves in vinegar

I know how to make slime, but why can slime take with vinegar?

It has to do with the fact that borax is alkaline. The slime can take with vinegar because the combination of alkaline borax and acidic vinegar neutralizes it.

Slime can be easily made at home

Let’s make slime that can be easily done at home. Borax slime is toxic, and it is your responsibility to make it yourself.

Therefore, this time, I will introduce how to make slime using potato starch, which is safe for children to put in their mouths.

What to prepare

Potato starch


bowl or cup

Stirring stick (disposable chopsticks, etc.)

Food coloring (red, green, etc.)

Mix ingredients to make slime

(1) Mix 100 ㏄ of water and food coloring in a bowl. At this time, use a few drops of food coloring.

(2) Mix 200 ㏄ of potato starch in a bowl and mix well.

(3) Carefully check the condition after mixing and add potato starch or water to adjust.

(4) Mix the whole evenly, and you have a potato starch slime.

When using this slime, the point to note is that it does not contain borax, so it cannot remove by the method mentioned above of removing slime using vinegar. However, it dissolves quickly in hot water.

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Slime is a lot of fun to play with, but it gets tangled. And hard to remove when it gets on fabrics or hair. You can also remove slime using vinegar. But it is difficult to remove slime that has deteriorated. Over time and has become sticky.

In such a case, you can ask a house cleaning professional. House cleaning professionals will remove such persistent stains. And clean areas that you don’t normally clean. It’s also a good idea. To ask once during the cleaning season.


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