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How to grow cucumbers?

Cucumber is easy to grow vegetable that loves the sun and water. Cucumbers contain 95% of water, 4% carbohydrates, and 1% patient. They increase as long as they receive sufficient water and sunlight warmth. Many people wonder about growing cucumbers in their garden or indoors. It will be an anticipating moment of gardening in the summer not let them grow so large. The reason is that they become bitter and their seeds over-ripened. You have to harvest them at the right time to enjoy their bright flavor and satisfying crunch.

Different types of cucumber according to planting

There are two varieties of cucumber according to planting.

Bush cucumber

They can be grown in a container, and they do not require a trellis for their growth. They need warm soil to grow up, and they get ready within two months.

Vining cucumber

Vining cucumber produces more fruit than vining cucumber, and they require a large area for their growth. These plants grow faster, and their yield is abundant.

Planting cucumber in the garden 

First of all, you have to prepare the garden for planting cucumbers. Loosen the soil and make it weed-free and add fertilizer to the ground. Check the temperature of the earth with the help of a soil thermometer. If the temperature is about 65 degrees, plant two seeds of cucumber about 1 inch deep in the soil. If you want to plant a vining variety, then you have to install a trellis. Sufficient watering is essential for the best growth of cucumbers. When the plant becomes six inches tall, trim it by cutting with the help of a plant scissor. Thoroughly water the plant and keep the soil moist. Make sure that the plant should not swim in the water. 

Planting in a container to grow cucumbers

Take a container having 16 inches diameter. Fill it with nutrient soil and pour a thin layer of organic fertilizers on the earth’s top and slightly mix it. Plant 4 seeds in the center of the container about 1 inch deep grow cucumbers. When the roots grow up and the plant reaches 4 inches tall, trim it to 1 inch up from the soil using a plant scissor.

Use fertilizers to grow cucumbers.

To make your plant grow healthier, you have to provide essential nutrients to the plant. We prefer to use organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer contains 16 essential elements which are necessary for the growth of the cucumber plant. Organic fertilizer is made with natural ingredients. That’s why it works very effectively. You have to fertilize the cucumber plant two times a day.

Use pesticides to prevent the plant from disease and pests that can harm and ruin the cucumber plant. Moreover, you can make your insecticide to prevent your plant from harmful insects. You have to mix water, dish soap, 2 to 3 garlic cloves (crushed), and neem leaves (ground). Make the solution in a spray bottle. Weekly spray it on plants to prevent it from insects. Keep this solution in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight.

How to grow cucumbers

Harvesting to grow cucumbers

The hard work you have done now is time to get fun and delicious, fresh cucumber. When it becomes its proper size and color, use a sharp pruning shear to harvest the cucumber. The cucumber stem and vines are very elastic and thin, so don’t pull the fruit directly. Your pulling may damage the plant. So cut the cumber with pruning shear near the stem. Cucumber is a fast-growing fruit, so it matures significantly faster. You should cut the cucumber after every 2 to 3 weeks to prevent over-ripening. This small bush will produce fresh cucumber, which gives you the small fresh slices of summer craving. Sliced your cucumber in the salad, different recipes, or drop it into your refreshing drinks.

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