How to share google calendar?

How to share google calendar

For centuries, we have been using calendars to keep ourselves organized and updated. Calendars have helped people keep track of deadlines, work, or even family-based events. Calendars make you know the accurate time of work submission, thereby making you realistic enough to meet work demands. They help us to prioritize our work and prevent us from making false commitments as per the schedule mentioned in our monthly calendar.

This was the official use of calendars, but they have been in use by normal nonoffice goers as well. They keep track of dates to mark birthdays, anniversaries, and even any important gatherings that are not to be missed. Now people do not have time to keep their calendars in hard form. They prefer to check their mobile phones and computers/laptops to keep track of dates and events.

Those who are regular users of Google ID use the Google Calendars, which is a much smarter way to keep yourself updated about the events. Google Calendars also give you the option to share your calendar hence your schedule, with others so that you may not get disturbed by sudden invitations and arrivals. So let us learn the process of sharing the Google Calendar with people:

Steps to share the Google Calendar:

  • You will have to open the Google Calendar on your computer
  • You will be directed to the desired place. If you have not set up any calendar, then first make a calendar of your own prioritizing and scheduling your work and events.
  • You can make different calendars for family members and a different one for your colleagues. Share the one which you would like to share with them.

  • On your screen, you will see 3 dots on your right, on which, when you click, you will find the option of “Setting and Sharing.”
  • There you will get to see the options for sharing. If you want to make it publicly available to all of your contacts, you can, irrespective of work and family discretion.
  • You can also select people you want to share it with by clicking on “Add People.”
  • You will have to punch in the email addresses of your desired members and set the access control.
  • Then you will click on send, and your Google Calendar will be shared with all those you have selected.

However, this is to be noted that you can share it with your friends, family. And peers by only using the browser because, to date, the android does not allow this to be done. So what are you waiting for? Make your calendar on Google by using the Google Calendars and telling everyone your routine and schedule!

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