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Low Calorie Foods

Low-Calorie foods are foods that contain fewer calories as compared to other foods. Low-calorie foods are not only eaten to lose weight but there are some other purposes as well. For instance, low calories make a man healthy, maintain blood sugar and keep weight regular. In this modern age where we have gadgets for every chore, we move very little. But our diet has more calories. Especially too much consumption of fast foods is making people obese and diabetic. Eating food should not restrict. Instead, we should replace high-calorie meals with low-calorie foods to nurture our diet.

Benefits of Low-Calorie Foods

  • Such foods are beneficial for people who are following low-calorie diets to lose weight.
  • There are not any proven health risks of low-calorie foods, so that anyone can make such foods part of their regular diet. But the people whose caloric needs are naturally high, for example, pregnant or lactating women, should not go for low calories as they might develop long-term deficiencies or health concerns.
  • These are the foods that usually have less sugar, so they regulate levels of blood sugar. Too much intake of sugar can lead to diabetes and heart diseases.
  • Low-calorie foods assist you in eating a balanced diet as they can be used as an alternative for high-calorie foods.
  • They make you healthy by limiting the number of calories in your body.
  • Such foods contain some essential nutrients that ensure the proper functioning of the body, thus boosting your body’s metabolism and improving mental health.

Low-Calorie Foods

Here we have summarized some low-calorie foods to help you out. Let’s start with fruits.


Fruits that contain fewer calories are apple, rhubarb, drupe, honeydew melon, cherry, plum, apricot, papaya, grape, cantaloupe, kiwi fruit, banana, grapefruit, orange, strawberry, raspberry, orange, blueberry, avocado, peach, pineapple, blackberry, and musk melon. 

Although these fruits are low caloric, they contain enough essential nutrients that the human body requires.


If we talk about the nutritional value of vegetables, green leafy vegetables are relatively low in calories. These veggies are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Other vegetables are eggplants, mushrooms, radishes, pumpkin, and tomatoes.

Other Foods

Besides fruits and vegetables, there are so many other foods that are proven to be less caloric. Have a look at some of these:


Eggs are protein-dense, contain high fat and low calories. They are also a good source of some minerals and vitamins. Eggs are the perfect food for a low-calorie diet because they satisfy hunger and boost fullness.


To control appetite, oats are an excellent low-calorie meal. They contain large amounts of protein and fibers that are enough to keep you full. 

Air-popped Popcorn

If you are a slow eater and always want to eat something while working, you should replace any other snack with popcorn. It has fiber that is important for good digestion and stabilizing blood sugar. You can rely on air-popped popcorn instead of other snacks to promote satisfaction and stay full.

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