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How much do electricians make?

How much do electricians make

How much do electricians make per hour?

The hourly wage of an electrician is around EUR 20 per hour. How much do electricians make?  You can further improve your income with further training measures.

How much do skilled electricians make?

As an electrician for automation technology, you earn an average of EUR 3,839 gross per month. You can also find out how the industry or company size affects your salary in our article.

How much does an electrician earn in a one-year apprenticeship?

In the first year of your training, you will earn between EUR 650 and EUR 755 gross. But that changes from year to year, and your income increases. Of course, we have also picked out what you will earn in your remaining training years.

What factors affect the salary of electricians?

How the salary as an electronics technician changes over the years depends on several influencing factors that can positively or negatively affect the level of income. These factors include:

  • state
  • work experience
  • Specializations, departments
  • Gender and age
  • Company size and industry
  • Status in the company (department head, owner)

 How much do electronics technicians earn during their training?

During your dual training as an electronics technician, your apprenticeship pay increases annually. A collective agreement in every company does not regulate your salary during exercise and later in working life. As a result, you cannot stick to a fixed salary. Compared to other technical training allowances, that of the electronics technician is significantly higher.

Further training opportunities: Electronics master

You can train yourself to get a higher income. This will help you climb the corporate ladder and increase your salary. The following options are available to electronics engineers:

  • master
  • State certified technician
  • Technical manager

As an electronics master, you earn between EUR 3,000 gross and EUR 4,200 gross monthly. That makes an annual gross income of up to 52,000 EUR.

Industries / Areas

Electronics technicians have a wide range of tasks, so electronics technicians work in many different industries. Depending on the industry, your salary can be additional.

  • Electronics and telecommunications technology: EUR 3,570 gross per month.
  • Plant mechanic: EUR 3,090 gross per month.
  • Electronics technician for energy and building technology: EUR 2,730 gross per month.

Influencing factor company size

Company size also plays a role that you should consider when researching salary comparisons. In small companies, you earn up to 1,000 EUR less than in medium or large companies.

  • Small companies with up to 500 employees: EUR 2,793 gross
  • Medium-sized companies with up to 1,000 employees: EUR 4,103 gross
  • Large companies with more than 1,000 employees: EUR 4,680 gross

 Special features

How much does an electronics technician earn now? You can’t tell exactly, as you have probably noticed, because several factors play a role in the size of the salary. We have summarized the essential facts for you again:

  • Women earn significantly less with EUR 3,013 gross than men with EUR 4,259 disgusting.
  • This means that men earn up to 41% more than women.
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