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How to add bots to discord?

Before we continue explaining the procedure to add bots to discord, we will have to understand what are bots and discord. Discord is an app that sends messages free of cost and allows users to do audiovisual chats. Bots are computer-operated tools that are supposed to deal with humans. You might have noticed that when you surf any shopping-related website, a popup window appears and asks if you need any help or assistance. We think that a person is sitting in the office who is supposed to greet every visitor and ask for any help. But it is not like this. They are human-like bots that have a great and minimal response time. They are made to engage customers and ensure that they do not leave the website empty-handed.

Sometimes bots can irritate a person. This may happen because the messages continue to bombard, and the visitor might get fed and leave the website even without surfing it.

Different Types of bots in Discord server:

There are different types of bots for discord servers which are stated below:

Music bots: it helps you to create a positive vibe in a dull journey by adding music to it.

Social bots: it will create auto shoutouts and notify you about your live streamings. This is your all-time social assistant.

Moderation bot: this will add alterations and modifications according to your likes and dislikes. For instance, it will automatically generate welcome messages, pictures, motivational messages, etc.

There are hundreds of bots in this deep tunnel, and you will never get tired of learning about them. If they are to be named, they include fun bots, miscellaneous bots, utility bots, etc.

How To Add bots?

  • It is very easy to add bots to your discord server. All you have to do is follow these steps, which are stated below, so that you may fully understand the process in depth. Let us find out:
  • You will have to surf the source page of the particular bot that you wish to add.
  • Then you will have to click on the option that states “Add to Discord.”
  • After that, you will see a window that would require your login credentials to sign in in discord.
  • Then a permission box will appear, which will ask you to add the server.
  • When you click on add, you have successfully added one of the bost to your discord server.
  • Now you can regulate the permissions that you have granted.

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